Standard Box Liners

Standard Box Liners

The Standard segment has been developed to be easy and quick to use, being composed of a single piece that in seconds seals and isolates its products for transport. Standard boxes are suitable to transport perishable food products, pharmaceuticals, dairy products and any other temperature-sensitive products.


  • Thermal insulated Box (2 Reflective layers plus 2 layers of air bubble)


  • Prevents the tranfer of energy between the inside and outside of the box keeping the temperature.
  • Reflective capacity and UV protective
  • Good impact resistance (double layer bubble technology)
  • Made with 85% of recyclable materials
  • Allows direct contact with food due to be made of material approved by the FDA*
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof, the aluminized coating of the bubble layers ensure that the products remain dry during transport.
  • Easy storage and transport as they are delivered compact

Colors and Finishes

  • Custom color
  • Custom Print
  • Available in different styles and finishes

Standard Solution


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