About Us



The eco sustainable development of new products is more and more a global necessity. TermGO was born of this need and through its solid expertise in isolation materials it has proposed to develop transport thermal solutions using recycled material.
TermGO has as main motto: ” In Nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” Antoine de Lavoisier


TermGO is committed to change mentalities in terms of plastic recycling as well as the reuse of final solutions.

The address our customers’ needs is our focus, achieve due to the verticality of our manufacturing facilities that provide more quickness and efficiency compared to other suppliers.

Management of energy consumption

The energy consumption on the headquarter and industrial partners of TermGO are controlled through:
• All the facilities are Thermal insulated
• Use of solar energy reducing the carbon footprint
• Climate control with evaporative coolers system (closed water circuit)
• Use of natural water resources (from water well)

Recycling and reuse

• Industrial wastes from internal industrial processes are selected and recycled.
• We transform polyethylene waste from other industries into our raw materials, ensuring the use of 85% recycled material in the production of our solutions.
• Decomposition of non-recyclable products (eg packaging of medicines, potato chips or coffee) in basic recyclable materials (separation aluminum from plastic).
• It intend to reduce the customers’ costs, as well as reduce the environmental footprint by promoting the reuse of our packaging.



TermGO want to grow at the speed that World is evolving, creating for the big global market more sustainable and profitable solutions.